Foothold Tech and NY Health Home Coalition respond to budget cuts.

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  • Foothold Technology and NY Health Home Coalition voice strong opposition to $125 million budget cuts for Health Homes in New York.
  • The budget cuts threaten care coordination for vulnerable populations, including those with Severe Mental Illness and homelessness.

Foothold Technology and NY Health Home Coalition have expressed deep concern over the recent budget cuts proposed by Governor Kathy Hochul, which include a substantial $125 million reduction in funding for New York’s Health Homes. These cuts pose a significant threat to the comprehensive care coordination provided to New York’s most vulnerable populations, such as those suffering from Severe Mental Illness (SMI) and homelessness.

The potential impact of these budget cuts includes an overload of hospitals and emergency rooms, increased inpatient stays, and a rise in homelessness and institutionalizations. Health Homes play a crucial role in preventing such outcomes by offering essential interventions to those in need.

Amidst these challenges, Foothold Technology, a leading cloud-based behavioral health EHR and Case Management system software provider, emphasizes the vital role that Health Homes play in the healthcare ecosystem. CEO Alyza Tarmohamed expresses deep empathy for the communities affected by the budget cuts.

The NY Health Home Coalition has taken proactive measures ahead of the finalization of the budget on April 1. Initiatives include an Open Digital Letter campaign for New Yorkers to support Health Homes and a Unified NY Sign-On Letter to demonstrate a united front to legislators.

New York residents are encouraged to join the digital letter campaign to help reverse the detrimental budget cuts and safeguard the well-being of vulnerable populations. Foothold Technology partners with eight Health Homes in New York, supporting over 120,000 members and emphasizes the need to protect funding for vital care coordination services.

The NY Health Home Coalition serves as a pivotal organization in New York, advocating for the elevation of care management and best practices within the community. The coalition aims to communicate the significant outcomes and roles of Health Homes to stakeholders and the public.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Foothold Technology and the NY Health Home Coalition underscores the importance of preserving funding for Health Homes to ensure the continuation of essential services for New York’s most vulnerable residents.

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