Getac: Tough tech reigns supreme, but we’re focusing on computers.

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Key Points:

  • Getac focuses on rugged tablets and notebooks, not smartphones.
  • Android and Windows-based rugged devices have key differences and suit different use cases.

In a recent interview with Paul Waddilove from Getac, he discussed the company’s focus on rugged computing devices and why they are not venturing into the rugged smartphone market. While Android and Windows-based rugged tablets have some similarities, they cater to different use cases based on size, power, and flexibility. Waddilove highlighted the importance of certifications, battery life, connectivity options, support, service, and warranty when choosing a rugged device.

Getac’s rugged devices are independently tested and certified, unlike many consumer tech products that boast IP and MIL-STD certification without proper testing. Looking ahead, the future for rugged devices seems promising, with an increase in AI-powered applications and customization options. Overall, the rugged tech sector is becoming more competitive as businesses adopt rugged solutions to address daily technology challenges.

Ultimately, when purchasing a rugged tablet or laptop, customers should consider factors such as certifications, battery life, connectivity options, support, service, and warranty to ensure they are investing in a reliable and durable device.

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