Synnex Technology International Corporation (TWSE:2347) jumps 6.4%; retail and institutional investors benefit.

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  • Retail investors who own 37% shares of Synnex Technology International Corporation (TWSE:2347) profited from a 6.4% surge, along with institutions.
  • Institutions own 35% of Synnex Technology International, with the top 13 shareholders holding 51% of the company.

Synnex Technology International Corporation (TWSE:2347) saw a significant surge of 6.4%, leading to profits for both retail investors and institutions. Retail investors hold a substantial 37% of the company’s shares, giving them significant power to influence management decisions. On the other hand, institutions own 35% of the company, with the top 13 shareholders collectively holding 51% of Synnex Technology International. While institutional ownership indicates credibility among professional investors, it also poses a risk of ‘crowded trades’ if multiple institutions sell their shares simultaneously.

Insider ownership is also notable, with members of the board of directors owning a significant amount of shares in the company. The general public, comprising individual investors, own 37% of Synnex Technology International, and private companies hold 20% of the stock. Public companies also have a 3.6% stake in the company. While studying ownership breakdown provides valuable insights, other factors such as risks and future performance should also be considered. Analyst recommendations and potential growth prospects play a crucial role in understanding the company’s trajectory.

It is important to consider all aspects of a company’s ownership structure and performance before making investment decisions. Synnex Technology International’s recent surge and ownership breakdown shed light on the dynamics within the company, highlighting the influence of retail investors, institutions, insiders, and the general public. Understanding these ownership patterns can provide investors with a more comprehensive view of the company’s positioning and potential for growth.

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