Check out Ypsilanti Township’s 2 upgraded firetrucks with improved tech.

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  • The Ypsilanti Township Fire Department acquired two new fire engines with improved technology and better acceleration.
  • The department received a discount for ordering both trucks at the same time, costing $1.5 million in total.

In Ypsilanti Township, the Fire Department welcomed two new fire engines, which were blessed by local faith leaders in a ceremony. Costing a total of $1.5 million, the new trucks come with enhanced technology and improved acceleration for quicker and safer responses to emergencies. With the new additions, the department’s fleet now consists of 10 trucks. The trucks, manufactured by Spartan, boast features such as increased water capacity, brighter LED lights, and an advanced airbag system for enhanced safety. The community leaders blessed the trucks in a ceremony that included prayers and a Native American tradition called smudging. One truck is already in service while the other is being prepared with specific equipment for the department’s needs.

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