Healthcare demand grows – Medical Education Tech gives students head start.

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  • Healthcare professionals are in high demand, with above-average pay and benefits.
  • Teri Jones’ Medical Education Technology and Career Academy provides a bridge for individuals to pursue careers in healthcare.

Healthcare professionals are in demand across the country, but there is a critical shortage of bedside caregivers. Teri Jones’ Medical Education Technology and Career Academy (METCA) aims to address this issue by providing a pathway for individuals to become licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and home health aides (HHAs). The academy offers classes for these roles and helps students with financial assistance to kickstart their healthcare careers.

Health First has supported METCA with grants totaling over $160,000, emphasizing the importance of clinical caregivers in meeting the healthcare needs of the community. Students at METCA receive classroom instruction, resources, and mentorship from experienced professionals to prepare them for roles in healthcare. The academy has graduated over 400 aspiring healthcare professionals, including Harielle Bernadotte, who started as a Nurse Tech at Health First’s Holmes Regional Medical Center.

Overall, METCA serves as a stepping stone for individuals who may lack the academic background or experience to pursue a career in healthcare. With support from organizations like Health First, students at METCA have the opportunity to grow and excel in the healthcare industry.

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