FLYR Hospitality partners with RateGain for tech advancements.

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  • FLYR Hospitality and RateGain have entered into a technology partnership to help hoteliers with rate optimization.
  • The partnership combines FLYR’s AI-powered Revenue Optimization System with RateGain’s channel management and distribution solutions.

In a recent article, FLYR Hospitality and RateGain have announced a technology partnership aimed at providing hoteliers with a comprehensive solution for AI-driven rate optimization across distribution channels. This collaboration brings together FLYR’s AI-powered Revenue Optimization System (RMS) with RateGain’s renowned channel management and distribution solutions to enhance revenue management for hotels.

The partnership between FLYR and RateGain addresses the common challenge faced by hoteliers in managing disparate platforms, leading to increased operational costs. By integrating FLYR’s RMS with RateGain’s solutions, hoteliers now have access to a unified system for revenue management without the need to switch between multiple platforms.

One key advantage of this partnership is the real-time market data accessible through the FLYR platform, allowing subscribers to compare competitors’ rates and various points of sale. RateGain’s rate intelligence platform, Navigator, offers additional features such as parity monitoring, cluster views, and insights based on demand and competitive rates.

Peter Strebel, RateGain’s President of Americas, expressed confidence in the partnership with FLYR, emphasizing the importance of holistic solutions that encompass forecasting, pricing, and distribution management tools. Jens Munch, CEO of FLYR Hospitality, emphasized the strategic growth ambitions of the company and the value delivered to clients through innovative partnerships like this one.

Overall, the partnership between FLYR and RateGain aims to streamline revenue management processes for hoteliers, improve efficiency, and drive better performance. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, the collaboration intends to unlock new opportunities for hoteliers to achieve higher ROI in the competitive hospitality industry.

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