Google’s Update: AI Now Reads Your Private Messages. Stay Vigilant

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TLDR: Google has announced a new AI upgrade for Android that will analyze and read users’ private messages. The AI, called Bard, is designed to enhance the messaging experience by facilitating communication, enhancing creativity, and providing information. However, Bard will also analyze the content of messages, including sentiment and relationship dynamics, to personalize its responses. This raises privacy concerns, as user content and AI platforms have previously resulted in privacy nightmares. While Google has stated that message content analysis will occur on users’ devices and that they will have control over what data is analyzed and how it is used, there are still concerns about potential leaks, misuse, and hidden data sharing practices.

Google’s deployment of Bard is part of a larger shift from browser-based to directed search, and users will need to be cautious about the quality of the results they are given. Apple is also working on integrating generative AI into iOS, and there is a debate within the company about whether to deploy AI as a completely on-device experience or via the cloud. The decision on where AI processing takes place could have a significant impact on Apple’s privacy principles. The integration of generative AI into messaging apps will transform texting platforms and create new competition between Google, Apple, and Meta.

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