US-China tech ties: paving the way to innovation.

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– US-China Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement expired in 2024 without renewal
– Concerns over China’s technological competitiveness and national security risks have led to increasing restrictions on cooperation between the US and China

In 1979, the US and China signed a landmark scientific and technological cooperation agreement, but in 2024, this agreement expired without renewal. The US and its allies are concerned about China’s technological competitiveness, “civil-military fusion” strategy, and other risks to national security, leading to increasing restrictions on cooperation and investment by China in key technological areas. Issues such as climate change, pandemics, and misinformation have further exacerbated tensions between the US and China, impacting global development. Despite these challenges, many believe that global challenges require cooperation with China in scientific and technological endeavors. Suggestions for improving cooperation include appointing national representatives for science and technology affairs, enhancing policy transparency, and promoting dialogue and collaboration between research institutions and think tanks. It is essential to address cultural and legal disparities while fostering trust and mutual understanding in order to create more vitality for innovation and make the world a better place.

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