Unveiling tech advancements for American manufacturing.

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A new report by the World Economic Forum and the US Center for Advanced Manufacturing highlights the challenges faced by the US manufacturing sector in recruiting and retaining skilled workers. The report offers insights from shop floor operators on how to introduce new technology in a human-centric and effective way. Key practices identified include demystifying efficiency tracking, introducing a ‘live my life’ format where management spends time on the shop floor, cultivating small group interactions for training, establishing cross-mentoring programs, and offering continuous learning opportunities. The report also emphasizes the importance of continuous skill enhancement through certificate and degree programs. To address the workforce crisis in manufacturing, the US Center for Advanced Manufacturing is running a series of workshops and articles on attracting and retaining talent. The center invites stakeholders from industry, policy, and academia to join their efforts. Additionally, the center will continue to collaborate with the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains to inform the global agenda. The US Center for Advanced Manufacturing was launched in 2022 to accelerate the growth of manufacturing in the US and drive initiatives to make it more innovative, sustainable, and inclusive.

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