Revolutionizing poultry processing with advanced automation technology.

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  • High-speed cut-up lines offer poultry processors flexibility and efficiency.
  • Automation technology in poultry processing improves quality, efficiency, and yields.

In the article “Automation technology levels up poultry processing,” Bob Sims discusses how high-speed cut-up lines provide poultry processors with the flexibility to meet different production needs. Companies like Marel, Baader Poultry, and Cantrell-Gainco offer automated or semi-automated solutions that help processors overcome operational challenges.

According to the experts mentioned in the article, the key attributes of a poultry cut-up line that lead to a high return on investment are dependability, efficiency, and quality. Automation, vision technology, and weighing capabilities further contribute to higher quality and increased throughput in poultry processing.

Manufacturers like Baader, Cantrell-Gainco, and Marel are constantly innovating new technologies to enhance the performance and reliability of poultry processing equipment. The integration of intelligent automation captures data to maximize production efficiency, while also providing training and support for successful implementation of automation.

Companies like Baader offer customized solutions like the ProFlex Cut-Up System, which aims to increase yield with low labor and quality cuts. Cantrell-Gainco and Marel also provide poultry processors with options for automated cut-up lines to improve efficiency and productivity.

Overall, automation technology in poultry processing is revolutionizing the industry by increasing yields, improving quality, and enhancing efficiency for processors.

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