Revolutionizing industries with a single scan, Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies

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A new molecular detection technology announced by Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies, LLC (BMRT) has the potential to revolutionize cancer diagnostics, public safety, law enforcement, security, and military services. The technology uses resonant frequencies to detect particle interactions at subatomic levels and can detect any substance based on its nuclear composition. The technology has been proven to detect every element on the periodic table, as well as up to 200 cancers and other diseases. BMRT has received a fully issued patent for the technology and its accuracy has been confirmed by third-party double-blind studies.

The technology works by using a special transmitter and receiver to send and receive frequencies specific to the materials being targeted. This allows for instantaneous detection of a specified element, compound, or biological substance, even at extended distances. The technology has a wide range of applications, including early detection screenings for cancers and other diseases, and detection of weapons, explosives, and other physical threats in public safety, law enforcement, and military settings.

BMRT is currently negotiating agreements in the medical, security, and military sectors and expects to launch devices into the marketplace within the next two years. The company is also seeking investment opportunities to support its growth.

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