Railway sets record with cutting-edge technology, boosting industry confidence.

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Great Western Railway (GWR) set a new nationwide record for battery-electric rail technology, with their first electric train traveling 86 miles on a single charge. The train only needs to recharge for three and a half minutes before heading to its next destination, thanks to FastCharge technology. If successful, GWR plans to expand the technology to over 80 other railways covering roughly 2,000 miles in the UK, reducing harmful carbon emissions by 1,700 tons a year.

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The Great Western Railway (GWR) in the UK has made significant progress in transitioning to mass transit powered by clean energy, setting a new nationwide record with their battery-electric rail technology. The first GWR electric train completed its longest journey on a single charge, traveling 86 miles and simulating real-world use with multiple stops. The train also demonstrated impressive efficiency, traveling 70 miles while only using 45% of its capacity and could have gone even further before recharging.

Thanks to the FastCharge technology acquired from Vivarail, the train only requires a quick three and a half-minute recharge before continuing its journey. GWR plans to test the technology in a real-world setting this spring with the goal of reducing their carbon pollution by 1,700 tons annually. If successful, the technology could be expanded to over 80 other railways covering roughly 2,000 miles in the UK, helping the country reach its net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

The successful trials of the battery-electric rail technology have given GWR confidence to continue their efforts in decarbonizing their train fleet, in alignment with the Government’s Transport Decarbonization Plan. The industry-leading FastCharge Technology has proven its capabilities in real-world environments, showcasing the potential for cleaner mass transit solutions in the UK.

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