Productivity surge fuels U.S. economy resilience.

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  • Worker shortages have led many companies to invest in machines and advanced technology.
  • Labor productivity has surged, contributing to the U.S. economy’s resilience despite high interest rates.

Robots and happy workers: Productivity surge helps explain U.S. economy’s resilience

The U.S. economy has experienced a productivity surge, driven by companies investing in machines and advanced technology to meet customer demand. This surge in labor productivity has been a key factor in the economy’s resilience, allowing for continued growth and low unemployment rates despite high interest rates. Companies like Batesville Tool & Die have navigated worker shortages by implementing automation and training employees in using new technology to increase efficiency. This unexpected productivity boom has helped keep inflation in check and allowed for higher wage growth without sparking inflation. The article also highlights how advanced technology and automation have led to more satisfied workers and improved job opportunities for many, ultimately contributing to the productivity gains in the economy.

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