New chilled transport service powered by electric field tech launching soon.

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Summary of Launch of new refrigerated ocean transportation service utilizing electric field technology


  • Sumitomo Corporation and Orient Overseas Container Line Limited have partnered to provide a refrigerated ocean transport service utilizing electric field technology.
  • This service aims to revolutionize freshness preservation and reduce transportation costs by transitioning from air to ocean transportation.

Sumitomo Corporation and OOCL have collaborated to introduce a new refrigerated ocean transportation service that uses electric field technology to ensure the long-term preservation of freshness for various products. The service aims to address challenges faced in the international transportation of perishable products by offering a solution that combines refrigerated storage technology with minimal quality loss. By leveraging electric field containers developed by MARS Company, Inc., Sumitomo Corporation has established a procurement system in partnership with Daiichi Institution Industry Co., Ltd. and OOCL.

The patented technology includes a “food transportation method” that enhances freshness retention by using vacuum shrink packing in an electric field environment. OOCL, known for its global logistics network, aims to set a new standard for freshness-preserving logistics by developing refrigerated ocean transport through this service. The goal is to enable the ocean transportation of non-freezing chilled products from distant locations and deliver fresh food products worldwide in optimal conditions.

The service is expected to reduce food loss, greenhouse gas emissions, and transportation costs by promoting the switch from air to ocean transportation. Through successful demonstration experiments and collaboration with key industry players, Sumitomo Corporation and OOCL plan to launch commercial operations, starting with the transportation of fresh pork and expanding to various other products. The ultimate objective is to build an environmentally friendly global logistics network that offers competitive pricing, high quality, and low-carbon refrigerated maritime transportation.

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