MIT’s SciFest 2024 wowed with art, design, and tech innovations.

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  • MIT-ADT University hosted a successful SciFest 2024 showcasing over 100 scientific projects from 50 schools in Maharashtra.
  • The event emphasized innovations across various Technology and Manufacturing Readiness Levels with a theme of Science, Sustainability, and Spirituality.

In a successful conclusion of SciFest 2024, MIT-ADT University brought together over 50 schools from Maharashtra to showcase over 100 scientific projects. The event, organized by the Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Institutions Innovation Council, highlighted innovations across various Technology and Manufacturing Readiness Levels.

The festival was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Mangesh T. Karad, Executive President and Vice-Chancellor of MIT-ADT University, setting the tone for a dynamic display of student innovations. The winners emerged from schools like MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Lady Zubeida Qurashie English Primary High School, Sadhana Vidyalaya, and Prithviraj Kapoor Memorial High School, showcasing cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions.

The theme of SciFest 2024, Science, Sustainability, and Spirituality, was echoed throughout the event. In addition to the scientific projects, MIT-ADT University hosted Club Catalyst, where over 35 clubs competed for The Best Club of Student Community Choice Award, ultimately won by the MIT ADTU Adventure Club.

The festival concluded with Spectra – Cultural Night, featuring performances like band night, singing, and group dance, celebrating the university’s vibrant spirit of creativity and expression. Prof. Dr. Suraj Bhoyar, Convener of SciFest, expressed excitement at the projects presented, emphasizing the innovative spirit and collaborative strength of the academic community.

Overall, SciFest 2024 at MIT-ADT University marked a milestone in fostering a culture of scientific inquiry and innovation, encouraging young minds to explore and contribute to the fields of science and technology with a holistic approach.

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