McDonald’s worldwide tech outage causing restaurant and app chaos.

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McDonald’s is working to fix a global technology outage affecting its restaurants worldwide. Some locations have temporarily closed, but the issue is not related to cybersecurity. Downdetector saw a spike in issues with the company’s app.

McDonald’s fixing worldwide ‘technology outage’ at restaurants

In a statement to FOX Business, McDonald’s acknowledged a technology outage impacting its restaurants globally and is working to resolve the issue. Despite some temporary closures, the problem is not related to a cybersecurity event. McDonald’s Japan posted that many stores nationwide were temporarily closed due to a system failure, while locations in Bangkok, Milan, and London were back up and running.

Downdetector also reported issues with the company’s app. While McDonald’s did not provide specific details, a spokesperson from Denmark confirmed the resolution of the technology failure in the country. The owner of several McDonald’s restaurants in central Sweden described the situation as a global network connectivity issue affecting all McDonald’s locations.

Overall, McDonald’s is actively addressing the technology outage that has impacted its operations worldwide, working to restore services and reopen affected restaurants.

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