Get the scoop on Trump’s climate impact and helium prices.

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Key Points:

  • Trump may dismantle Biden’s landmark climate law, potentially affecting clean industries.
  • The era of cheap helium is over, causing problems for high-tech devices.

In today’s edition of The Download, Trump’s potential impact on climate laws and the end of cheap helium are highlighted. Trump’s advisors have signaled dismantling Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which could hinder efforts to transition to cleaner industries. Helium, essential for technologies like MRI scanners, faces scarcity issues. Additionally, Starlink is changing communication in Antarctica, Wikimedia’s CTO emphasizes the value of human contributors, and AI-generated deepfake ads raise concerns. The Supreme Court will decide on states’ control of social media laws, while ChatGPT’s economic impact and the bright side of life are also explored in this issue of MIT Technology Review.

The must-reads section covers a range of technology stories, from the use of AI in social media control to the potential dominance of China in electric cars. Meanwhile, the big story discusses the impact of generative AI models like ChatGPT on the economy and workers. Lastly, the “we can still have nice things” section offers moments of comfort, fun, and distraction, including the benefits of experiencing new things and adorable chatting cats.

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