Flex Technology soars past $430 million in revenue.

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  • Flex Technology Group (FTG) hosted its annual sales kickoff event at Arizona State University, boasting a revenue of $434 million and 9% organic growth.
  • FTG stands out in the reseller community with coast-to-coast service in the US and strategic acquisitions like Advanced Business Systems and Copy Link.

Flex Technology Group (FTG) recently celebrated a successful year at their annual sales kickoff event at Arizona State University, showcasing impressive revenue figures and organic growth. With a reported revenue of $434 million and 9% organic growth, CEO Frank Gaspari highlighted FTG’s leading position in the office equipment reseller community. One of the unique features that sets FTG apart is their coast-to-coast service available throughout the US, a rarity in the industry.

Another key aspect of FTG’s success is their strategic acquisitions, such as Advanced Business Systems and Copy Link. These acquisitions have played a significant role in FTG’s expansion goals and overall growth strategy. The ability to not only attract top dealers like Kevin Marshall and Jeff Elkin but also retain them post-acquisition speaks to FTG’s sustainability in a market marked by consolidation.

Throughout the event, FTG emphasized their commitment to customer satisfaction, highlighting their impressive customer retention rate of 97% and in-house W2 technicians who complete 93% of service calls. The event included various activities like an Executive Leadership Meeting, sponsored dinners by Canon and Sharp Electronics, and an awards ceremony to recognize employee achievements.

FTG’s consistent growth over the years and their unique approach to print management in a shrinking market have positioned them as a standout company in the industry. By openly sharing their numbers, providing accessibility to their executive team, and fostering a culture of celebration and recognition, FTG sets a standard for excellence in the reseller community.

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