FIS snags Torstone Tech

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  • FIS has acquired Torstone Technology to enhance their capital markets tech capabilities.
  • This strategic deal aims to optimize post-trade processes and meet regulatory requirements.

FIS, a global fintech company, recently announced the acquisition of Torstone Technology, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for post-trade securities. This acquisition is part of FIS’s strategy to enhance its capital markets technology offerings and improve operational efficiencies for users. Torstone Technology, headquartered in London, offers derivatives processing technology and solutions to clients worldwide.

The collaboration between FIS and Torstone Technology is expected to drive innovation in the post-trade processing market and expand global footprint. By combining their technology and expertise, the companies aim to deliver modern securities processing offerings while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This acquisition represents a significant step in FIS’s development strategy and opens new avenues for growth within the capital markets sector.

Overall, the acquisition of Torstone Technology by FIS highlights the importance of leveraging technology to optimize post-trade processes, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance customer service in the financial services industry.

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