CPH2 nails PLC test for membrane-free electrolyser tech.

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  • CPH2’s membrane-free electrolyser (MFE) completed a functional test of the Programme Logic Control (PLC) for Northern Ireland Water.
  • The completion of the test allows the company to progress to the final stages of the project, marking a significant milestone in their scaled electrolyser technology.

Clean Power Hydrogen’s (CPH2) membrane-free electrolyser (MFE) has successfully completed its functional test of the PLC for Northern Ireland Water. The MFE110 completed the test under the supervision of contractor Legan MEICA Limited, allowing the project to progress to its final stages. The completion of the PLC test represents a crucial milestone for CPH2’s scaled electrolyser technology, with potential applications in the production of hydrogen and medical-grade oxygen. The MFE technology offers advantages such as reduced costs, simplified design, and increased efficiency, although challenges in gas separation and purity need to be addressed. The completion of the PLC test marks a significant achievement for CPH2 and paves the way for the commercial production of hydrogen and medical-grade oxygen.

The pausing of the MFE110 FAT last year led to a termination of the contract between CPH2 and ATOME Energy, resulting in a reevaluation of production orders. Despite this setback, CPH2 remained focused on ensuring the successful rollout of MFEs with current partners. More recently, CPH2’s MFEs were awarded three ISO certifications, reaffirming the company’s commitment to quality and safety measures. With the completion of the PLC test, CPH2 is on track to deliver innovative membrane-free electrolyser technology to its customers in the near future.

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