BTG Positioning Systems rocks partnership with GPR for epic port automation

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BTG Positioning Systems has signed a $40m multi-year contract with GPR Ground Positioning Radar to develop and supply advanced positioning technology for seaports. The aim is to enhance automation in the sector by addressing the operational challenges faced by ports around the world. Seaports handle about 80% of international trade. Up until now, the complexities of the sector have hindered the widespread adoption of automated vehicles, with limited visibility, variable weather conditions, unreliable GNSS signals, and the high cost of sensor technology all creating difficulties. The partnership between BTG and GPR introduces a new approach to positioning autonomous port equipment through the use of ground-penetrating radar, which significantly improves accuracy and reliability in all visibility conditions. The agreement will allow BTG to exclusively use GPR’s technology in seaport applications. The partnership aims to overcome the automation bottleneck in ports by eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure typically required for positioning systems and allowing for the wider implementation of autonomous guided vehicles and gantry cranes.

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