Blue Ridge showcases revolutionary weave for cozy comforters.

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Blue Ridge Home Fashions has introduced a new comforter, the Washtight, which features proprietary weave technology that tightens with every wash. This innovative design maintains plushness and durability over time, revolutionizing comforter care.

Bedding specialist Blue Ridge Home Fashions has developed a solution to the wear and tear that comforters experience with each wash. The new Washtight comforter is engineered with a proprietary weave technology that tightens with every wash, ensuring long-lasting comfort and performance. This innovation marks a significant advancement in comforter care, as customers will no longer have to settle for comforters that lose their snugness over time.

Blue Ridge’s chief marketing officer, Jody Folino, expressed confidence in the Washtight comforter, stating that it will change the face of comforter care as we know it. The company will showcase the Washtight and other new products at the New York Home Fashions Market.

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