Apple settles trade secrets lawsuit with chip startup Rivos.

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In a joint court filing, Apple and chip startup Rivos have announced that they have “signed an agreement that potentially settles” the trade secrets lawsuit that Apple filed against Rivos in 2022. Apple accused Rivos of hiring away its engineers and using confidential information to develop competing chip technology. The lawsuit claimed that Apple had spent billions of dollars and more than a decade of research on its chip designs. Rivos denied the allegations and counter-sued Apple for unfair competition. Apple settled related claims in the case against six former employees who joined Rivos last month. The terms of the settlement between Apple and Rivos have not been disclosed.<\p>

Apple is planning to settle its trade secrets lawsuit against chip startup Rivos, which accused the company of stealing its trade secrets related to computer-chip technology. The lawsuit, filed by Apple in 2022, claimed that the startup had hired away dozens of engineers from Apple and used their confidential information to develop competing chip technology. The settlement agreement allows Apple to examine Rivos’ systems and recover any confidential information. Apple has not released any further details about the settlement.

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