About:Energy chosen for Innovate UK Battery Tech Programme in Korea

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Key Points:

  • About:Energy, a leader in battery development software, selected for Innovate UK Battery Technology Programme in South Korea.
  • The programme aims to accelerate business growth globally and foster innovation in battery technology.

About:Energy, a prominent innovator in battery development software, has been chosen by Innovate UK to participate in the Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) in South Korea. This initiative focuses on advancing battery technology through international collaboration and innovation. The programme offers the opportunity to collaborate with key players in the South Korean battery industry and develop cross-border projects. With expertise in Korean batteries from their COO and Co-Founder, Kieran O’Regan, About:Energy aims to leverage this opportunity to further enhance their software platform, The Voltt, which provides advanced battery data and models for streamlined development and collaboration with global suppliers.

The company has been actively involved in solving challenges related to battery pack design with major manufacturers like Samsung and LG. In addition to the GBIP, About:Energy will extend its reach through the UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme, supported by the government, to expand across the Asia Pacific region. These initiatives reflect the government’s recognition and support for About:Energy’s commitment to advancing battery development through innovative software solutions.

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